About AJC Legal Services

AJC Legal Services is a Solo Practice operating out of the Historic Capitol Club Building. We are right up the street from the Old Wake County Court House and the new Wake County Justice Center.

An advantage in working with a Solo Practioner is that you will always we working with your lawyer. There will never be junior associates working on your cases. If I take the case, I manage the file and the research.

We also operate out of a "real" office. Some solo practioners work out of "Executive Suites" or even their own Houses! While I do not disparage such environments, I like to put a key in a lock and open my own office!

Quotation Mark

"Law is nothing else but the best reason of wise men [or women] applied for ages to transactions of business of mankind."

Abraham Lincoln

A. James Cuticchia, PhD JD

Born and raised in the Baltimore-Washington area, Dr. Cuticchia earned an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (honors) at U.M.B.C. in Catonsville MD. He went on to earn a PhD in Genetics from The University of Georgia. Recruited directly as a graduate student and 24 years of age, he became an Assistant Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He went on to a prosperous career as an academic, not-for-profit, and biotech researcher and was named Third Most Valuable Bioinformatician for the success of the Human Genome Project by Genome Technology Magazine.

While running a multi-million dollar research operation at Duke Medical School and serving as their Bioinformatics Scholar, in the evenings Dr. Cuticchia took law classes and graduated from the evening program of N.C.C.U. School of Law (magna cum laude) in 2009. He is the author of the best selling book, "Genetics: A Handbook for Lawyers" published by the American Bar Association and has taught both undergraduate and law students at N.C.C.U.